The sky-bar It draws the visitor like a magnet towards the light, crowned by a chandelier made up of 4000 steel sardines, created for Sciabetti by English artist Frances Bromley. With its elegant furniture evoking waves and shingle, the light blue of the sky and the dark blue of the watery depths, the sky-bar is a magnificent visual dive into the bay of Marseille.


The Tunnel bar The nhow Marseille is located between two waters: the freshwater of the Roucas Blanc spring in the original part of the building and the salt water of the sea into which the form flows. It is this passage between shade and light, coolness and heat that expresses the masterpiece of the décor designed by Teresa Sapey, the Tunnel Bar. A ritual path that is crossed at top speed or on which the visitor strolls and poses, the Tunnel Bar oscillates between the cold of the deep blue of the watery depths, the light blue of the flowing spring and of the surface of the water, and the dynamic warmth of yellow, orange and pink. In this way the visitor passes through different sensory states, whether arriving from the hotel interior and heading towards the light, or leaving the light to penetrate the depths of the location.

The ensemble is inspired on the work of Vasarely and his hypnotic geometric shapes, like a long gallery of psychedelic art, punctuated by designer pieces like the Capellin’s Drum chair and Tube Chair, or Moroso’s Shadowy chair. On leaving the tunnel, the visitor rediscovers the light of the bay, in a bar that evokes a shop selling Marseille soap, something between a drugstore and an old pharmacy, revisited by the creative eye of Teresa Sapey. The denim-clad tables and chairs are a nod to a popular Marseille, the Marseille of fishermen and criers of the Old Port.